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There is a story in 2 Samuel 6 that I love. And I keep coming back to it because it gives me perspective, and it gives me hope.

Here's the (abbreviated) story: King David wanted to bring back the ark of the covenant to Israel. (Ark meaning a box that held the presence of God, not Noah's big boat.) As they journeyed back to the city of David, they stopped after every six steps and praised God.

This seems a really inefficient way to travel a long distance, but sometimes I think we learn more when we stop, reflect, celebrate, and then look to the next six steps.

Yesterday was Day 6. And so, we stop and celebrate! We celebrate not only because Day 6 was GREAT, but also because God has been doing some really big things through our very small K... things that are bigger than just our story.

Now, the update: Yesterday, the doctor gave us some preliminary genetic test results. (One prayer answered yes- we heard back about the test much sooner than expected!) Essentially, we had a preview of the final test results, and K has the right number of chromosomes in the few cells they have looked at so far -- that means she DOES NOT have classic Trisomy 13 or 18! (Second prayer answered yes- our worst case scenario is ruled out.) Also, K has been eating through her mouth during the last few feedings! (Third prayer answered yes- she is improving!)

Can you hear our mighty God whispering hope to us?

We do not know exactly what challenges K will face going forward (and there will be some). We do not know what other chromosomal issues may surface on the final test. We do not know if we will ever have a clear diagnosis. But we do know that our God has given us hope for K's future.

The picture has shifted from death to life-- I can now see beyond the next year, and I can hope that K will grow up to play in the yard with her sister and laugh with us.

So, dear ones-- keep praying for us. We feel it.

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