Hey, friends!

I’m Shannon.

 I've always had a (mild) obsession with books and stories. I used to get in trouble reading books with a flashlight past bedtime. Now, I drive my poor, sweet husband crazy by leaving tall, tottering stacks of books around the house. In a fire, if my family were safe, I'd save my Jane Austen collection.

And, like any good lover of stories, I like to try my hand at contributing to the world of words. As a kid, I wrote stories. As a teenager, I filled journals with bad poetry. I majored in English, and then went on to attempt to inspire high school students to find their voices through reading and writing. (I loved it.)

Eventually, I traded in my lesson plans and grammar textbook for a diaper bag and jogging stroller. I picked up my pen again when my second daughter was born and spent a few months in the NICU. I started a blog to keep family and friends updated, but kept writing because it was catharsis. And I found that my pen began to teach me.

In my writing, I will tell you about my family. I am married to my opposite-- a math & science guy, a linear thinker. He likes books with graphs and is happiest working outside on a project. My daughters are simply called A & K for the purpose of this site. A is our curly haired sprite of a girl who has quiet strength and fierce compassion. K is smart and determined, and has more fight in her than a baby should have.

K was born with a congenital, non-progressive muscle and joint issue. Her long-term prognosis is great, and we imagine she will continue to surprise us with her progress. However, these first years have re-shaped our entire family.

I believe in a God that authors my story; He is the teacher who guides my pen. I will tell you about my life, I will tell you my heart, but most of all, I will tell you about my God. He is the one who gives purpose to our trial, who draws out hidden strength.

So, here you have it: These are the things I learn.